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Company ASTRA ITB LLC, located in Milutina Milankovica street, no. 25 / 60, Belgrade, sucessfully operate business activities on domestic and foreign market since the year 1992. Our business field is mostly foreign and internal trading with products of wood industry, chemical industry and energetics, but for already a few years now, we are also involved in manufacturing industry, production of wines and raising wineyards. More informations about this part you can see on our other web presentation .

Our company closely cooperate with a few Ukrainian companies within above mentioned activities, but especialy with two, Color Sim and SP Fresh. With those companies we operate by exclusive contracts.

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Hrastov parket Hemijska industrija Energetika

Wood industry

Within wood industry we are in a position to offer you semi-products for furniture - oak elements, 3 layer scantlings as well as finished products - oak parquet, kitchen fronts, thresholds etc. Wood products are produced from ukrainian oak (white oak). For all products we need request with specification, quality description and quantities, to be able to calculate prices, terms of delivery, terms of payment etc.

Our company closely cooperate with Ukrainian company SP Fresh, in Rovno area, Klevan, which produce wood products only for our customers. They own modern saw mill with all needed equipment, two kiln driers (6 sections) with automaticly driven drying process, complete line for production of glued elements (jointed by length and by width) and line for production of parquet.

We mostly export wood products to EU countries, such as Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania, Belgium , Netherlands and countries of ex Yugoslavia .


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